Cuisinart Ketogenic Slow Cooker 3-In-1

Cuisinart ketogenic slow cooker
This 6.0-quart ketogenic slow cooker combine 3 great features: slow cooker, brown/saute and steamer. It allows you to brown your meat at temperatures up to 400°, adding layer of deep, caramelized flavor to the dish. It is a pricey product and many refer to it as the rolls royce of ketogenic slow cooker.

information from the ketogenic slow cooker manufacturer web site:


  • 3 programmable cooking functions:  slow cooker, brown/saute and steamer.
  • Brown/saut© with temperatures up to 400°
  • Steam for up to 90 minutes
  • One touch switches modes when recipe calls for combination cooking
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts.

ketogenic slow cooker uses

Cooking ketogenic slow cooker meals

In this ketogenic slow cooker you can slow cook on high, low or warm for up to 24 hours. In addition It has an automatic keep warm feature. All functions are fully programmable. Slow cook temps are high = 212 degrees, low = 200 degrees, simmer = 185 degrees, warm = 165 degrees.


Browning the surface of meat at a high temperature gives it an attractive color and deeper flavor. While other slow cookers offers a stovetop pot to brown meat cuts, this amazing ketogenic slow cooker allows you to brown or sauté meat right in the unit itself. With this great feature you can bypass the stovetop by browning ingredients right in the unit before switching to slow cook. Browning temps are: default is 350 degrees, programmable from 140 degrees to 400 degrees in 25 degree increments. It has a large browning heating element which provides excellent heat for browning.


This product cames with its own steaming rack, allowing you to steam vegetables and retain their nutrients.

Easy to clean

This ketogenic slow cooker lid and the insert are dish washer safe. The lid is a little difficult to fit into the dishwasher. The lid and the internal bowl are easy to hand wash.

Dimensions (inches)

12″ l x 19″ w x 9-1/2″ h, with a 6 quart capacity

Ideal for low carb crock pot recipes

additional information about the ketogenic slow cooker.

You can learn more about this ketogenic slow cooker by watching this youtube video.

my opinion on the ketogenic slow cooker

  • This is the best ketogenic slow cooker.
  • It is very easy to use with simple controls
  • The browning feature is awesome.
  • The 24-hour allows me to cook dishes that take hours to prepare.
  • Cleaning is easy.
  • It is a pricey product but it’s affordable.

were to buy?

You can buy cuisinart msc-600 3-in-1 6-quart ketogenic slow cooker at amazon.

Reviewed: july 2018

  • When reviewed it has 2,338 amazon customer reviews. 69% are 5 stars.
  • Price when reviewed: $117

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