Keto Slowcooker Magic Mill 6-Quart 5-In-1

keto slowcooker Magic Mill 6-Quart 5-In-1
This magic mill 6-quart keto slowcooker simplifies combination cooking, letting you bypass the stovetop by browning ingredients right in the unit before switching to slow cook. Different from slow cooker with similar features this keto slowcooker is relatively inexpensive.

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First of all this keto slowcooker offers five functions: slow-cook, brown/sauté/ sear, roast, steam and keep warm.


It is well known that browning meat before cocking adding a layer of deep, caramelized flavor to the dish. This keto slowcooker has an up to 400 degrees browning program. Rather than browning ingredients in a separate pan and then combining them in another pan, you can do it in just one pot.

Bpa free

As an healthy product all parts that come in contact with food are bpa free.

Non-stick inner pot

Removable nonstick aluminum cooking pot

Easy to clean

It is very easy to clean the keto slowcooker given that it has a non-stick pot, dishwasher safe glass lid and rack cleaning up is a breeze. It comes with removable parts with a separate streaming rack, so you can use it in your dishwasher safely and conveniently.

Programmable control panel

This amazing multi-cooker is very easy to use. It has several buttons:

  • Slow cook button to select slow cooking and to set low or high
  • Brown/sauté button to select brown/sauté and to set desire temperature up to 400 degrees °f.
  • Timer button to select the time. high mode: cook 2 to 8 hours. low mode: cook 4 to 20 hours. warm mode: up to total 20 hours.
  • Power button to turn on or off.
  • Lcd display screen to show the current settings.

Cooking time automatically switches to warm mode when cooking cycle completes.

Ideal for low carb crock pot recipes

Dimensions (inches): 14 x 10.7 x 19.9 inches

additional information about the keto slowcooker

You can learn more about this keto slowcooker by watching this youtube video.

my opinion on the keto slowcooker

This magic mill 6qt 5-in-1 keto slowcooker is a marvelous product.

It combine 5 important elements and for this reason I highly recommend it.

The browning feature is fabulous and together with its easy operation and its reasonable price it’s a pretty good bargain.

were to buy?

You can keto slowcooker magic mill 6-quart 5-in-1 at amazon.

Reviewed: july 2018

  • When reviewed it has 85 amazon customer reviews. 75% are 5 stars.
  • Price when reviewed: $70

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